How does the Local Plan impact on me?

The Local Plan is not just about planning - it's about our future.

It helps local people to stay local

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Martina Jeffs and her family were able to move into a new affordable home built especially for local residents. Martina grew up in West Wittering, but never thought that she would be able to afford to live there.

"I'm over the moon with our house. I never thought I'd be able to stay in the village as the house prices are so high here. Being able to move into an affordable house has meant I can stay in the village I grew up in and my daughter can grow up here too.

"The community has been extended with these new homes and it will benefit the area. Affordable homes help bring some people back to the area that may have been forced to move away because of the lack of affordable housing. It means that the next generation are going to the local school."

It supports community facilities

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The Local Plan also supports community facilities. The New Park Community and Arts Association Centre in Chichester is one of a number of community facilities that has benefitted from developers' contributions.

Rod Fennell, trustee and project co-ordinator at the New Park Centre in Chichester, says: "We received funding from developers' contributions as part of the overall funding package to upgrade our centre. As an independent charity, major capital fund-raising is always a challenge. This extra funding has allowed us to lever in more money and in doing so to replace an outdated single-storey structure with a purpose-built facility much earlier than might otherwise have been the case. The community are the winners as a result."

It creates job opportunities and supports local business

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The plan will also support local businesses and create job opportunities. John Hall, from the West Sussex Growers' Association, recognises how important it is in helping local businesses expand.

"The horticultural industry already employs around 5,000 people in the local area and brings £500m into the local economy. It supplies supermarkets across the country with high quality, local produce that people can trust. The Local Plan will help us to prepare for the future and consider how we can build on our current success, which will benefit both the local economy and local people."