How the Local Plan has been formed

At each stage of the Local Plan process there have been opportunities for you to get involved and have your say on the development of the district.

Timeline for consultations on new local plan

December 2009 - February 2010

Focus on Strategic Growth Options

This document considered potential options for major/significant growth within the district.

August - September 2011

Housing Numbers and Locations

We asked how many new homes should be provided in the district (excluding the National Park area) and where they should be located.

September - November 2012

Parish Housing Numbers

An informal consultation with parish and town councils across the Chichester Local Plan area (which excludes the South Downs National Park) on proposed indicative parish housing numbers that the council was considering for inclusion in the Local Plan.

March - May 2013

Draft Local Plan Key Policies - Preferred Approach

This document included information on where development will go, policies against which planning applications will be assessed, and set the overall development needs for the district. It also contained housing targets and potential site allocations to deliver these targets.

July - September 2013

Further Consultation on the Draft Local Plan Key Policies - Preferred Approach

Following feedback we received on the Draft Local Plan Consultation the council proposed some changes to the Plan in order to make it clearer, add policies where the draft Local Plan was silent, and update policies in response to background evidence studies.

November 2013 - January 2014

Local Plan: Key Policies Pre-Submission

This document was published prior to its submission to the Secretary of State to allow for representations to be made on its soundness and legal compliance.

All previous consultation documents and responses received can be viewed on our consultation portal (no registration necessary). The Parish Housing Numbers consultation report can be viewed on this page.